Photo Gallery — Photos, mostly from a trip around the world - South America, Europe, Asia - plus a few more from recent events.

Gallery August 12 New Zealand, Part Two
Gallery August 08 New Zealand, North Island
Gallery June 11 Sea and Vines
Gallery February 25 Kate turns 25
Gallery March 28 Oakbank
Gallery January 29 Thailand - Bangkok and Koh Samet
Gallery January 16 Sri Lanka
Gallery January 09 India
Gallery December 06 Angkor Wat, Cambodia
Gallery December 05 Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Gallery December 01 Saigon and surrounds, Vietnam
Gallery November 27 Hilltribes in Sapa, Vietnam
Gallery November 26 Waterfall in Sapa, Vietnam
Gallery November 22 Halong Bay, Vietnam
Gallery November 21 Hanoi, Vietnam
Gallery November 14 Hong Kong
Gallery November 12 Great Wall, China
Gallery November 09 Forbidden City, China
Gallery November 02 Luzerne and Pilatus, Switzerland
Gallery October 31 Berlin and Amsterdam
Gallery October 22 Haggis Tour of Scotland
Gallery October 21 Edinburgh Castle
Gallery September 25 Glasgow and Edinburgh
Gallery August 22 Out in Edinburgh
Gallery August 12 Isaac at the bar
Gallery August 11 Our cottage and The Lodge
Gallery June 07 Edinburgh and Perth, Scotland
Gallery May 22 Copenhagen, Denmark
Gallery May 18 Around Hrpelje, Slovenia
Gallery May 16 Rock Climbing in Slovenia
Gallery May 14 Slovenia daytrip
Gallery May 12 Slovenian Alps
Gallery May 11 Group photos in Slovenia
Gallery May 09 Venice
Gallery May 07 Florence
Gallery April 27 Pompeii
Gallery April 26 Around Naples
Gallery April 24 Vatican City
Gallery April 22 Rome and Pisa
Gallery April 14 Cinque Terre
Gallery April 13 Monaco
Gallery April 08 French Riviera
Gallery March 30 Granada, Spain
Gallery March 25 Toledo, Spain
Gallery March 22 Madrid, Spain
Gallery March 19 Spain
Gallery March 18 France
Gallery March 12 Paris
Gallery March 11 Walking in London
Gallery March 09 Eight hours at JFK, US
Gallery March 07 Peru
Gallery March 04 Machu Picchu
Gallery March 03 The Inca Trail
Gallery February 28 Cusco, Peru
Gallery February 27 Torres del Paine, Chile
Gallery February 15 El Morado, Chile
Gallery February 14 Santiago, Chile
Gallery January 27 Barossa, Australia

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